Sean Fraser

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I wrote my first story at ten years old. The first poem—at fourteen—I memorized and could recite was “The Walrus and The Carpenter”. At seventeen, I was given “The Custom-House of Desire: A Half Century of Surrealist Stories”.

Amoungst other occupations, I was a bookseller: Tigers! Tigers! Tigers! Booksellers was a small bookstore; Sean Fraser, Books was a mail-order business; and, Electrolibris was an e-commerce site. Artists books, literature, poetry, Beats, Absurdists and Surrealism were sold with an emphasis on Edward Gorey and Rikki Ducornet.

My poetry education was principally formed by Professors Baudelaire, Apollinaire and Mallarme; and, Professor-Emeritus Lewis Carroll.

My writing education may be found in The 13 Stages of Writing.

Marcel Duchamp was Counsellor.

My written works are The Théâtre Optique. Twitter archives those incessant lines that refuse to die until written: TheatreSean.

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