Kneel Downe

 VirulentBlurb Butterfly

I was raised in the middle of countryside and silence where I immersed myself in books and fantasy. I started writing some.Then I discovered Twitter.  Creative writing and Twitter.  Yes.  Short, clipped, image-filled tweets leaked out.  This suited me.

A meeting with Jeff Noon made me realise that these short bursts could help me build a whole universe of fiction and the VirulentBlurb projects began.

There are three books out there just now.  More are very imminent as the strands of the universe overlap and come together in new and unexpected ways.

VirulentBlurb is an ongoing project with new strands of fiction evolving all the time on various Twitter feeds.

Visit the VirulentBlurb website for more information.

Follow me on Twitter at @kneeldowne.

“Clean your jackports. PolyPhase Productions thank you for gazing..”


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