Dom Conlon


I am Dom Conlon. I write books for children which look to surprise and delight and sometimes terrify. I try to do the same for adults.

My picture book series, Tiny the Giant, is a journey to greatness, to stature. I write to learn and to look and to live. I see how we are all still reaching up to the trees, to our mums, to our dreams and I write stories to stand on. Sometimes these stories reach to the stars, as they do in the poetry of Astro Poetica, my forthcoming book which George Szirtes describes as “funny tender poems for children” and Nicola Davies says is “Insightful, thought provoking and fun”.

My work can be seen across the web, but collected in tidy heaps on and .

But enough about me, here’s some more about me.

Writing ad copy for video games, my days are spent in other worlds. Space battles, cemeteries, nightmares and funfairs, I walk between them and pluck the juiciest bits to share. I see what games could be, what they sometimes are, and I keep playing.

I keep writing.

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