.i particularly like some things .

some shapes & ideas. old atrefacts endured. certain

mitsakes with spelling. enjoyed the work seen recently,

backwards applause while others kniw wire. the garden

tools lined up neatly needing the white wash wall. ivy



i will watch the film on perception tomorrow alongside

another. red & white.  they say it will change my life.


meanwhile i prod boxes.







.. cooking carrots, and thinking of belief ..


it is a source of inspiration, and research. it is written, yet having writ. we use. imagination, add a dose of suggestion, slightly thinking this is fact we do not move on when perhaps we should. so moving on quickly……

cut them.

maybe we need to check our numbers at the end, see if one or more are missing.   need to count them carefully, one side then the other.it is all a pattern, that keeps us safely, leads us onward.

simmer them.

what about this list, to do it before you die, well as she said, you probably can’t do it after. some may disagree – another belief. we try not to judge, yet that  bucket was not worth five pound,so

we paid two.

strain them.
ready for later.



. some things cannot .

some things cannot      be put to word.

i try.     hard.             you lay there cold.

i stumble stutter say sounds backwards.


think i know?                i thought i knew

you know.


there is silence.                           some socks

will not fit  the drawer.


some things need tidying.




some things.


there were bits of cabbage in the water,

now they are down the sink.




. vivid ( 2=3)= vivid (5)





is nought.

there is nothing found.

yet algebra and geometry are used

to build the castle.………..this is vivid.

this is maths.



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The Elsie & Nora dialogues, 4: The Orange Crate

– When I was a tiny girl I lived in an orange crate with Sputnik the Space Earwig and it told me the secrets of the stars.
– Did you really?
– No.
– Who really lived in the orange crate?
– Laika the Space Dog.
– Really.
– A terrier. But it downloaded Laika’s consciousness.
– Did it?
– No.
The terrier would never come out of the orange crate so one day I crawled in and it was conducting an entire choir of earwigs.
– Was it?
– No.
One day it was snowing and an orange glow came from the crate so I crawled in. The terrier snarled but the earwig welcomed me.
– Did it?
– No.
They had a lovely warm fire going made of the dried bodies of ants and were sipping hot Future Juice.
– No they didn’t and they weren’t.
– No.
I would curl up on a mat of matted curls the earwig had snipped away and listen to their tales of other worlds.
– But did you?
– No, I didn’t.

The Adventures of Doc Moreau & I, 14: Giraffe Necks

The main problem with giraffe necks is once you start growing them they take over the whole plantation, as Doc Moreau and I discovered to our cost.


Come on down to Doc Moreau’s and my Mad Giraffe Neck Sale! We are literally up to our necks in mad giraffe necks and they’re only getting taller!


People ask Doc Moreau and I what the hell do the giraffes think about Mad Giraffe Neck Sale? We say they’re mad as hell about it and so are we!


Come on down to the Mad Giraffe Neck Sale! Our trusty-no-rusty Giraffe Neck-O Pneumatic Tubes have been linking continents for centuries!


Now our new Fruit-n-Fibre-Optic Super Mad Giraffe Neck Cables are linking alternative universes through Totally Stable Wormholes! Buy from the best!


People ask what do we do with all the giraffe heads? Mostly we just stitch em back on the stumps n sell em as ‘Mutant Horses’. Yeehaw!


Sometimes we pop a giraffe head on each end of a Super Mad Giraffe Neck Cable so they can pass on feedback from distant galaxies.