War Snails of the Chimeric Empire

Few sights are as stirring as the giant War Snails of the Chimeric legions wheeling into battle, usually months after the conflict is over.


At a diplomatic level, it can be problematic for colossal snails to lay waste to a nation with which a treaty was signed weeks previously.


Fortunately, most civilian populations and even military intelligence units gradually become aware of colossal armoured molluscs with cannons.


The War Snail strategy, of course, was to move so imperceptibly that opposing military units would completely forget about you until too late.


In practice, however, the enemy had time to remove everything of value from the territory concerned down to the level of individual plants.


The Counterstrategy to the Removal of Viable Targets from the Field of Combat was to send raiding parties to seize shrubs in mid-evacuation.


The War Snails were retired when the cost of maintaining them was set against the net worth of geraniums gained, most of which they ate.


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