The Underwater Zoo

The first problem with the Underwater Zoo was that none of the animals were able to breathe underwater. Cages do not tend to retain oxygen.


Haon’s air bubble helmets simply caused the animals to float to the top of their cages and then to dangle there: a most inelegant solution.


Even when the creatures were provided with aircubes to live in, they had to be held down with weights and chains, which was regarded as cruel.


Then there was the choice of site: by locating the Zoo in a deep trench far from any land mass, Haon had arguably reduced visitor flipperfall.


Of course he argued strongly that the Underwater Zoo was as much for aquatic visitors as human tourists, but these did not add to revenue.


While jellyfish gathered in their billions to bob brainlessly by, jellyfish are seen more as a toxic hazard than a marketing success.


Although there was some evidence that Right Whales deviated from the whale roads to visit the Zoo, these were not necessarily the right whales.


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