Hidden Moustaches

The hidden moustaches are in the houses.


Please note it is not that the moustaches are hidden in the houses: their hiddenness precedes these (and possibly all) houses.


Though the hidden moustaches may in addition be hidden in these particular houses – our information is not clear on this point.


It’s possible that, as part of this further hiddenness, all the hidden moustaches may be in one of the houses, we simply don’t know.


It is also not clear whether or not this further hiddenness is an aspect of the original hiddenness or a new and separate hiddenness.


Perhaps the boy told to move the hidden moustaches to their new safe house or houses was inspired by their secret history and hid them.


Much about the hidden moustaches, such as whose face or faces they once graced, or are in the future intended to grace, remains mysterious.

We may have been misinformed: it now transpires that the hidden moustaches could instead be in the horses. Please adjust accordingly.


Our sources are unclear as to whether the hidden moustaches are in the horses or on the horses, though the latter seems counter-instinctual.


Queries are reaching us as to whether the hidden moustaches might be made of horsehair, thus allowing them to be hidden in the horses.


We must stress that the hidden nature of the hidden moustaches means that we can have no idea what material if any they may be made of.


We could be surrounded – nay, immersed – in hidden moustaches at this moment, and our understanding is, so well are they hidden, we wouldn’t know.


Queries are reaching us re whether our use of ‘nay’ was a hint that the hidden moustaches were definitely hidden in or on the horses. No.


Please be aware: the proximity and/or scale of the hidden moustaches may interfere with our reception of both information and/or queries.


.i particularly like some things .

some shapes & ideas. old atrefacts endured. certain

mitsakes with spelling. enjoyed the work seen recently,

backwards applause while others kniw wire. the garden

tools lined up neatly needing the white wash wall. ivy



i will watch the film on perception tomorrow alongside

another. red & white.  they say it will change my life.


meanwhile i prod boxes.