The Election of Orange Hulk

Latest news: even tho Orange Hulk was elected and really rules Chimerica, Orange Hulk was not in fact elected and does not rule Chimerica.

Following his first week in office, Chimerica has been declared simultaneously real and unreal. Unfortunately, Orange Hulk doesn’t care.


‘Orange Hulk biglier than real thing!’ the president said today, altho Science has in fact proven him to be smaller than a little white lie.


Citizens of Chimerica, plunged in existential bewilderment as to how they can simultaneously exist and not exist, have appealed to Pope Hulk.


Unfortunately, Pope Hulk is on a papal fishing trip to an unidentified moon & left only this message, ‘Pope Hulk not come back FOR YEARS!’


Many citizens have sought sanctuary in the Temple of the Angry Penguin God, whose priests say It does indeed appear to be ‘really angry’.


People are asking openly in the streets, ‘Didn’t we use to have a queen or something that could save us or at least eat our heads?


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