The Adventures of Doc Moreau & I, 14: Giraffe Necks

The main problem with giraffe necks is once you start growing them they take over the whole plantation, as Doc Moreau and I discovered to our cost.


Come on down to Doc Moreau’s and my Mad Giraffe Neck Sale! We are literally up to our necks in mad giraffe necks and they’re only getting taller!


People ask Doc Moreau and I what the hell do the giraffes think about Mad Giraffe Neck Sale? We say they’re mad as hell about it and so are we!


Come on down to the Mad Giraffe Neck Sale! Our trusty-no-rusty Giraffe Neck-O Pneumatic Tubes have been linking continents for centuries!


Now our new Fruit-n-Fibre-Optic Super Mad Giraffe Neck Cables are linking alternative universes through Totally Stable Wormholes! Buy from the best!


People ask what do we do with all the giraffe heads? Mostly we just stitch em back on the stumps n sell em as ‘Mutant Horses’. Yeehaw!


Sometimes we pop a giraffe head on each end of a Super Mad Giraffe Neck Cable so they can pass on feedback from distant galaxies.


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