Concrete Rabbit

Once there was a concrete rabbit whom nobody wanted to hug, so it grew hard and without sentiment.


Concrete Rabbit, told to steer clear of deeper water, insisted on hopping where it didn’t oughter, relying rather on the kindness of otters.


Concrete Rabbit would occasionally sport a muffler, though it could not feel cold, and was not entirely sure it understood the concept.


Concrete Rabbit sometimes awoke at the bottom of boating ponds, so would entertain kids by seizing passing ducks, and drawing them beneath.


Concrete Rabbit would pretend it was a piece of garden sculpture then, when an elderly family member was alone, momentarily change position.


Concrete Rabbit ate grass assiduously, although it could neither digest nor excrete it, and so built up a kind of fermenting inner world.


Post-experts calculate, if Concrete Rabbit keeps eating grass at this rate, it will explode like a leporine Vesuvius within 10,000 years.


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