Santana’s Colossal Guitar

Every Chimeramas Eve, Santana Claus wraps roasted elves in greaseproof paper for his long journey: Mutant Kids, good or bad, must be punished this Chimeramas.


First, Santana fashions a new pom-pom for his blood-steeped hat from another terrified little white kiwi.

Then Santana flies across the sky on a colossal guitar, each string attached to a flying whale: Elvis, B.B., Gábor, Dalí, Abraxas and Evel Knievel.


The tips of Dalí’s moustaches spontaneously burst into flame, guiding the colossal guitar through the dark skies.


Grateful parents stake out a family pet and leave a small glass of mescal, but those faithless children claim Daddy consumes them.


No-one knows how Santana Claus manages to play a lengthy guitar solo to every Mutant Kid in Chimerica in one night, but somehow it is done.


Meanwhile, floating realms such as Nephelokokkygia, Laputa, and Cloud City, gather like weary birds on Santana’s colossal guitar.


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