Is it a Brie? is it a Parmesan? No, it’s Supermoon!

Obviously the Supermoon can fly – that’s why it’s in the sky, stupid – but did you know it has X-ray vision and can see your underpants?


Apparently the Supermoon is allergic to the green green cheese of Krypton which destroyed Supermouse in that unfortunate incident.


On the dark side of the Supermoon is a pants-shaped region known as the Sea of Pants. In its middle is a solitary telephone box.


Also on the dark side is the Supermoon’s Fortress of Solitude, but, as it is a structure on its own surface, the SuperMoon is unable to enter.


Many people ask why the Supermoon doesn’t end all crime on Earth 2 at once, preferably by crashing into us? These people don’t read comics.


It’s like the way atheists ask why God doesn’t just end all human misery right now – they haven’t read comics either.


By day the Supermoon poses as a mild cheddar in World of Cheese, the most important cheese shop on the planet. It’s the cheese wearing spectacles.


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