A Timeless Interregnum (feat. Sea Mammoths)

The Ministry of Time has announced the end of Chimeric Summer Time. As ever, before Winter Time begins, there will be a Timeless Interregnum.


During the Timeless Interregnum, which can have no duration, citizens are warned: although nothing can happen, absolutely anything could occur.


For this year’s Timeless Interregnum, it looks as though Sea Mammoths have launched their traditional invasion on the eastern beaches.


Please be aware, although the Sea Mammoth invasion is always popular with tourists, they will stomp on your brains and eat you if approached.


They may look like normal elephants, but millennia beneath the waves have caused these mammoths to lose their hair and develop Wrinkly Trunk.


Wrinkly Trunk is a maddening condition which can only be relieved by bashing people on the head with mallets then stomping on their brains.


Fortunately, as soon as Winter Time is declared, as in the last Chimeric Ice Age, the cold will drive the Sea Mammoths back into the depths


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