The Wasp-Duck Illusion

A misunderstanding regarding ‘les droits des ducs‘ means nobles have been fucking ducks for years, leading to the phrase ‘Lord fuck a duck’.


Duck-fucking remains popular with the gentry due to their tiny genitalia, caused by centuries of inbreeding, and is one cause of platypuses.


It remains unclear why in the early 18th century the Needledick-Bugfücker dynasty pronounced itself utterly opposed to les droits des ducs.


This was around the time of the Plague of Human-Headed Wasps which caused misery and destruction across Chimerica chewing things and gossiping.


Everyone remembers the high-pitched, whiny voices of the Human-Headed Wasps, even people who weren’t born at the time, or were already dead.


Apparently the exact note struck by their irritating little thoraxes could pierce time itself, driving people mad centuries before and since.


The Ministry of Time, established after &/or before the Chimerican Revolution, had to make time a millisecond thicker to cope with all those wasps.


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