In response to the Chimeric Referendum, the map will be torn up and reassembled at random. Then Chimerica will be redesigned to match.


In the regional capital of Chim, Chimchimereechimchimereechimchimcheroo, debate continues about which chimney they should hide the results up.


Meanwhile, in the regional capital of Era, Errata, citizens are wondering if the Chimeric Referendum has all been a big mistake.


Having exited from reality, Chimerica is astonished to find it still exists, but is psychically confined to a krazy golf course on the Moon.


In a hideous parody of real life, each of the holes on the Moon’s krazy golf course exactly resembles a dilemma encountered here on Earth 2.


All the shadows that lost their bodies are folded neatly in a drawer in a sideboard in a crater on the dark side of the Moon.


Every now and then, a golfball made of mammoth bone, over-hit from the krazy golf course, strikes the sideboard and ricochets into space.


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