Secretes of The Moths: an Epistolary Novel (Part 1)

Dear Pope Hulk, Wheare is the Moon?

Yours, Thee Moths


Wee looked al night and we could knot see becoss of clowd & windo & curtanes & smol moons that wer later proved to be blubs.

The Möths


One off our nombre has swalowde a pebbl he claims cam frae Demosthenes and now cannot fly. Is it a pebbl truly or The Moon?

The Moths


One of oure nomber (thee one that swalwod the peble) will not stoap talkin. May we eet him?



Deer Pope HuLk, plees disruggard our last as it was not a pebbl it was a blubb & one off our numbre hass explodode & is sindrs.

The moths


In discusione it was moted that True Dmosthene’s Pebbl might be The Moone. Therefore we arr writng seeking clarfication whear it is?

The Moths


Oslo, if w eet The Moone, will it causs much eloquentz like one off oure numbre becoss that was too longe & only a Blub?

The Mothss


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