The Fartophone

One of the last acts of Adolphe Sax’s life was to help Le Petomane devise a fartophone in 1892.

The fartophone consisted of a bellows located in the armpit, connected by a tube to reinforced pants, through which air could be inserted.


An ocarina was attached to a second tube, which could be concealed in a trouser pocket. By mastering a wiggling dance, the fartophone could be played as it were with nonchalance.


Sax was at work on a more elaborate ‘chanter’ tentatively called ‘The Tremulous Dildo’ when he died.


The idea of this more elaborate fartophone was for a married couple to entertain themselves at home with tunes from Le Petomane’s songbook.


Pujol himself had spent months elaborating a notation system for the fartophone which he called ‘Five Finger Farting’.


The fartopants are now in La Musée de la Flatulence. Could their combination of whalebone, brass and rubber still have commercial potential?


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