The Adventures of Doc Moreau & I, 13: Doc Moreau and the Ecto-Cheese


Modern Ecto-Cheese Production Methods (an artist’s impression)

Ecto-cheese has the potential to fuel our homes for millennia, especially when everyone is long dead and the houses completely demolished.

Ecto-cheese is clean energy generated by milking ghosts and then asking very large beetles to somehow form the ecto-cheese curds. For money.


As history progresses and more of humanity ‘passes’, ghost milk potential reaches a tipping point, but we really need really large beetles.


If we can’t breed beetles the size of dormobiles by 1973, then humanity is doomed and all we can do is go round smashing wasps with hammers.


Doc Moreau and I have discovered a radical new treatment that will increase Ringo’s body mass to that of a brontosaurus and thus save us all.


Doc Moreau would like to reassure fans Ringo will still be able to play drums while fabricating ecto-cheese, we’ll just need very big drums.


There is no truth to the rumour that ecto-cheese can be used in the manufacture of ‘phantom’ Cheese Robots conventional weapons cannot stop.


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