Memory Yeti

Listen to me carefully; this may be very important. Have you ever met, or do you remember ever meeting, the Memory Yeti?


I’m very sorry about this, but saying surely there’s no such thing as a Memory Yeti is a classic sign that you have indeed met that Yeti.


There’s no easy way to tell you this, but the world is divided into those who have heard of the Memory Yeti, and those who… please sit down.


Somewhere about your person, or in your house or garden, will be a contract you have no memory of signing. The co-signatory will be a yeti.


This contract legally transfers responsibility for your diary, personal records, and, yes, your memory itself, to a registered Memory Yeti.


I’m afraid this means this may or may not be your house, garden, car, or personality. Any illness you feel may not actually be ‘yours’.


Please try to stay calm: we can restore you. To a degree. I am a Past Yeti Regressionist and we have the technology. Just sign here. And here.


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