Big Bill Backward’s True-Faced Western Tales, 9: Airedale Airmail

‘Worked with some fine Airydales when I wuz ai-tached to thu Chimeric Postal Services,’ recalled Big Bill Backwards. ‘Intelligent canines…’


‘None of them could fly a plane worth a dang, and it wuz a shame to see them keep on tryin. Lost a lot of good dawgs n letters too…’


‘I remember one time my albatross went down in The Mountains of Madness, and that woulda been it for me ifn an Airydale hadn’t saved me.’


‘Dragged me by the collar back to its aerie, where there wuz a litter a pups whose wings hadn’t spread, n that Airydale fed me on her milk.’


‘When those dawgs were all growed, I rigged me a sled from albatross bones, n they pulled n flew it all the way to the nearest ice station.’


‘Still remember those dawgs like they wuz my own kin: Gnashr, Findr n Grindr, Blixen, Vomit, Stoopid, Doner n Kebab, n Andrey Rublev.’


‘Had to eat most of em before we made Bear Mountain, but Andrey Rublev still draws me cards for Chimeramas. One talented sonavabitch.’


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