Robo-Burns Night

The Chimeric Pneumatic Postal Service is delighted to be able to announce the resumption of its ‘Hot Tube’ service for Robo-Burns Night!
Soon, thousands of piping hot haggises will be fired through every pneumatic tube in the land (and under the several types of sea)!


If you have a pneumatic tube outlet in your home or survival dome, simply set the nozzle to ‘Receive’ and point it at the designated platter!


People often ask us at the CPPS if they have a pneumatic tube in their habitation. The answer is yes, and you have only minutes to find it!


What are the traditions of Robo-Burns Night!? Mostly the Shrieking of the Eldritch Grace (simply apply oil till the squeals become tolerable).


Then the clone clans and same model robots gather to sing ‘Farty Pears, Version 2’ and ‘What Difference Engine Does It Make?’


‘What’s in a haggis?’ people enquire. Only the most innocent of ingredients, as you can hear them protest down the long miles of red-hot tubing.


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