This text is rain. This other text is cloud. This night is a potential language someone might actually speak, given some music.

Music is not exactly language. It is denser than that. Clouds and rain are text that might be produced by music, not that you could read it.

Always this shifting of terms, as if terms were clouds capable of producing rain. At least there is music and the text of night.

One pushes terms around as if they were clouds that might produce a readable text of rain. It’s dark and silent but for the music.

This music is a form of rain but denser. It is solid with text. There might be a cloud dictionary somewhere but it’s too dark to read now.

This is the universe talking to itself in a language of cloud through a text of rain. The night is dense with music one might almost read.

No, no, insists language. Neither this cloud, nor that rain. Possibly the music. Almost certainly the night. You ask too much of text.

The rest is not silence. Clouds are not silent while there remains the possibility of rain. While rain may be imagined. While there is text.

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