The Travelling Eyeball

Today the Travelling Eyeball will be visiting our village! At last, God will be able to see what we’ve been up to!

You can climb in the Travelling Eyeball and see us as God sees us! (Snorkels will be provided so you don’t drown in Holy Jelly.) Oo, we’re bad!


Why not take the Travelling Eyeball out on Ducking Pond, so you can see all the bones of the witches which line its bottom? Wave to the witches!


Let’s push the Travelling Eyeball to the top of Falling Tortoise Hill! Oops, it’s rolling down the other side! Let’s push it up again! And again!


If you lie on your back in the Travelling Eyeball at night and look up at the stars, you can see the moment Jesus first ate a can of spinach!


Remember not to sit in the Travelling Eyeball for too long, or it will digest you! Got to get its divine rolling powers from somewhere, guys!


Time for the Travelling Eyeball to move on! Lots of bad villages to visit! It can take one of you with it, preferably an idiot: who will it be?


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