. binding .

may be the contrast here,
the national library stairs.

guided to the cupboard,
the collection dusted, labelled,
named as important. emptied, it
is the proof that nothing can be

nothing is now something, quality
of non existence, held us in a
moment, then we moved on blindly
looking for something,

as we are bound.




13 reflections on the House of Mirrors

For Viviana Hinojosa
1. There is no point trying to look beyond the surface. The surface is all.

2. The House of Mirrors appears to contain a dizzying multitude of rooms, but in reality there is only one: your bedroom.

3. Visitors to the House of Mirrors are asked to leave their dogs, shoes and heads at the door.

4. The House of Mirrors has several residents, including Eve, the Bird King and a gang of feral children.

5. I left a poem in the House of Mirrors. When I went back for it, the words had multiplied. Stanza breaks were pregnant pauses.

6. Meals and sleep are not permitted in the House of Mirrors; the dreams there depend on your hunger and insomnia.

7. In the House of Mirrors, the concepts of reality and unreality are irrelevant.

8. Many enter the House of Mirrors, expecting to find themselves there. Instead, they are presented with voodoo dolls of themselves.

9. The House of Mirrors is more prison than playground.

10. All roads lead to the House of Mirrors.

11. The House of Mirrors smells of lavender, cinnamon and burning plastic.

12. The House of Mirrors is more theatre than domicile.

13. Windows are mirrors, in which you see a reflection of yourself.


House of Mirrors is an ongoing collaboration with Viviana Hinojosa. You can see some of it here.

Captain Anoxia and the Space Centipedes, Episode 3: Return to the Kuiper Belt

Some argued Captain Anoxia wasn’t well enough to be sent back to the Kuiper Belt, but the menace posed by Space Centipedes was too great.

The fact that he had spent his year back on Earth inside a glyptodon shell wallpapering it with anaglypta was certainly noted as a factor.


Also the procedure of freeze drying then grinding the astronauts down so they could be vacuum packed for the journey had known side effects.


Astronauts reported that, on being reconstituted with Resurrection Paste, they experienced shortness of breath and Untrue Memory Syndrome…


UMS, or Untrue Memory Syndrome, is the condition of being unable to accept your memories as either accurate records or indeed your memories.


So disorientating were these symptoms, it was recommended no astronaut be reconstituted more than three times. This was Anoxia’s fifteenth mission.


When the news was broken to him, Captain Anoxia retreated into his shell, pushing out strips of anaglypta with ‘WAH!’ & ‘HAW!’ written on them.


As these were the first possibly intelligible statements Anoxia had made in over a year, they were sent to the Ministry of Decipherment.


‘WAH!’ the Ministry explained, was Conversational Neanderthal, usually in response to the greeting ‘OOK WAH!’, acknowledging information received.


‘HAW!’, the Ministry continued, related to the palindromic telepathic messages sent by Space Centipedes, indicating he understood the mission.


Although concern was expressed he’d retreated to a pre-human level of brain activity, Anoxia was passed fit for duty and helped into the freezer.


Once Anoxia had been ground down into Astrodust, Space Centipede eggs were discovered to have been in his system and to have survived the process.


These were microblasted to remove particles of Anoxia and removed to a secure location for further examination. Liftoff could then proceed.


Anxious technicians scanned the tiny probe as it headed for Ice Station Pluto and beyond. In only seven years they’d have their answers! Soon!

Big Bill Backward’s True-Faced Western Tales, 7: Barnacle Bill Backwards Sails Close to the Edge

‘Jess waitin till I sober up enough to be able to get up n fetch me another drink. Boat kin steer itself till then…’


‘Main thing on these “Edge of the World” cruises is not to second guess yore actual edge of the world. Lotta “captains” miss out that way…’


‘Steer em safe past the Maelstrom n don’t lose nobody to the Sirens, they ain’t gonna thank yew for gettin _near_ the edge of the world.’


‘Ifn the bow goes over we kin still go back-a-ways, n if the stern goes over, we wuz pointin in the right direction in the first place.’


‘Folk ask what’s down there n I say I don’t recall: most of it’s fallin so fast n yellin so loud yew can’t hardly point a telescope at it.’


‘One thing I do not like is when Lucifer n his boys start fallin upwards for a prank n singin shanties backwards: that’s bad for business.’


‘Got me a wingéd harpy for a figurehead n she’s chained to my ankle. Reckon I’m good for an abandon shipment even ifn I do pass out cold.’

The Travelling Eyeball

Today the Travelling Eyeball will be visiting our village! At last, God will be able to see what we’ve been up to!

You can climb in the Travelling Eyeball and see us as God sees us! (Snorkels will be provided so you don’t drown in Holy Jelly.) Oo, we’re bad!


Why not take the Travelling Eyeball out on Ducking Pond, so you can see all the bones of the witches which line its bottom? Wave to the witches!


Let’s push the Travelling Eyeball to the top of Falling Tortoise Hill! Oops, it’s rolling down the other side! Let’s push it up again! And again!


If you lie on your back in the Travelling Eyeball at night and look up at the stars, you can see the moment Jesus first ate a can of spinach!


Remember not to sit in the Travelling Eyeball for too long, or it will digest you! Got to get its divine rolling powers from somewhere, guys!


Time for the Travelling Eyeball to move on! Lots of bad villages to visit! It can take one of you with it, preferably an idiot: who will it be?

. the plague .

the cure is not fat bacon, it is
the genes. gently move forward,
prompting all good behaviour, accepting
reality. it happens to most of us some

three to ten days or more, with light
medication will help. as would new bedding,
deleting beige and floral lampshades.

how we laughed, bought unecessary items,
beat the plague.

without fat bacon.