The Chimeric Theatre

In the Chimeric Theatre the audience wears the most extravagant costumes and the actors dress as they would to go to the theatre theatre.


In the Chimeric Theatre each member of the audience has memorised a single line and the actors must compel them to surrender it.


In the Chimeric Theatre no-one knows the order of the speeches or even which play they come from, but everyone has a compelling theory.


In the Chimeric Theatre props are venerated as though they were great performers and always have dressers and prompters to hand.


In the Chimeric Theatre no-one waits for the interval and everyone rapturously applauds the women selling ice cream who can do what they want.


In the Chimeric Theatre everyone laughs at any attempt at tragedy and weeps inconsolably over farces and jokes. Hecklers are given bouquets.


In the Chimeric Theatre every performance ends with the director receiving a kicking unless he or she can deflect blame onto the dramatist.


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