Big Bill Backward’s True-Faced Western Tales, 6: The Halcyon Kid

The Halcyon Kid & Pal‘They called him the Halcyon Kid back then, because he killed kingfishers, n made a coracle out of their carcasses.’


‘Used ta sit out there on Lake TooGone in his feather coracle gluing dragonflies into fishin rods. Called it the SS Iridescent.’


‘When he started stitchin trout tails to the heads of cougars that’s when we knew sumpn was wrong. Called em “catfish” but they wusn’t.’


‘Made friends with a bear had a bad reputation for twistin folks so their fronts wus their backs. They’d get ugly drunk on pitcher plants.’


‘Had me some of that pitcher plant moon bug juice once – you don’t even know what century you’re in. That’s some powerful future juice…’


‘The bear’s tearin up natterjack n raccoon, n the Kid’s skewerin corkscrew spines thru the critter parts. Calls em “toves” but they wusn’t.’


‘Bear n him had a con-tray-tomp n the Kid had to stitch himself up. Ended up part-bear. Took off to college n next thing he’s some kinda “Doc”.’


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