The Adventures of Doc Moreau & I, 12: The Klassified Ads

Inarticulate Arthropods! Restricted by clumsy shell ‘mittens’? Free your inner fingers with Doc Moreau’s Patented ‘Crab Gauntlets’!


‘Now I can grip AND flex!’ says a leading spokescrab. Also suitable for lobsters and giant scorpions!


Do you need a regular, dependable supply of stainless steel robins? Doc Moreau’s Stainless Steel Robins are guaranteed 100% cat-proof!


Now available with scratch-resistant breastplates fashioned from the finest Robinium! Can flutter n singe!


It’s statistically possible that up to one in 10,000 passers by may not be able to tell your Stainless Steel Robin from the real thing. Surely.


Do you now or have you ever suffered from Ephemerrhoids – piles that appear n disappear too quickly for conventional treatment?


If so, try Doc Moreau’s Patented Lightning Cream! WARNING: Doc Moreau’s Patented Lightning Cream may contain actual lightning.


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