Little Red Robot


The Little Red Robot had no arms, so when it strutted round the scrapyard on its three red legs it pretended it had its hands behind its back.


Every now and then it would stride to the end of the pier and look out to the ships crossing the bar. The gulls would call like unoiled gears. Gurnards would crack their knuckles.


This made it so excited it would squat and lay a bright red phone box or, sometimes, a scarlet pillar box.


As one of these was almost as outmoded as the other police helicopters would then come and chase it away, and council refuse trucks set up a perimeter while they cleaned the mess.


Occasionally, however, people would post love letters, or attempt to make calls before the phone boxes could be shut down.


The authorities were legally obliged to honour these attempts at communication, and would wait quietly by till the caller hung up, or the postman could be summoned.


When this happened the Little Red Robot felt like its imaginary arms had extended so far as to be embracing the whole wide world!


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