Penguin: Express Delivery


Happy Penguin Postman, jamming small penguins in all the letterboxes so that they can neither be delivered nor extracted!


Happy Electric Carving Knife Man, topping and tailing penguins jammed in letterboxes so only a letterbox-shaped wedge of penguin is left!


Happy Breakfaster on Penguin, pushing a prime Penguin steak through your letterbox with a wooden spoon into your waiting frying pan!


Happy Penguin Foodie Writer, sending off a smarmy anecdote-strewn recipe for ‘Eggs Penguin Deck’ to your editor at Feathered Foodie Monthly!


Unhappy killer whales, waiting for the delivery of a penguin-sized letterbox in the middle of the ocean: will it be morning or afternoon?


Unhappy Letterbox Delivery Man, typing ‘Killer Whale’ into the Satnav: how do you deliver a letterbox without there being a prior letterbox?


Angry Penguin God, drawing up quite a long list of those who need to be smitten upside their heads about the whole ‘Penguin Delivery’ thing!


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