Everything falls

A star falls, a maybe falls, the sky falls, the present falls.

A memoir falls, the snow falls, a curtain falls, the future falls.

The cold night falls, rain falls, the nevermore falls, the past falls.

The ashes fall, a perhaps falls, the backdrop falls, a tomorrow falls.

Hail falls, a cloud falls, a whatever falls, a now falls.

Midnight falls, the yesterday suddenly falls, the night dew falls, a then falls.

The afternoon falls, a who knows falls, leaves fall, a how late falls.

Mid day falls, a never falls, the pain falls, another future falls.

A tear falls, joy falls, coldness falls, all together falls.

A gaze falls, the remorse falls, a forever falls, an again falls.

Softly falls, abruptly falls, slowly falls, falls at last.


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