Socky the Superfish

Apparently a Superfish called Socky also escaped the destruction of Krypton and swims in our oceans. His nemesis is a giant prehistoric otter.


Also, shoals of vampire salmon. Anything they bite turns into radioactive goujons. They control jellyfish with their minds.


Socky’s best friend is a sea louse called Freddy Flechson, who takes risqué photos of limpets. His catchphrase is ‘It’s Superfish, y’all!’


These are tasteful shots of limpets for Marine Glamour – none of your prawn pawrn… The editor is a squid called Ridley.


Somehow Ridley manages to smoke cheroots in the ocean depths. She exhales into a pufferfish, and flicks saturated ash onto a masochistic sole.


Another villain is King-Pin of the Herrings – a kilometre long with a fin in every pie, in that he fences stolen subaquatic pies.


Socky’s girlfriend is a sea trout called Ruth Roe. She campaigns against overfishing. He conceals his super-identity by wearing a moustache.


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