Horses. Owls. Bonedog.

Every man has forgotten when he was a horse; every horse remembers when he was a man.


Every horse thinks he is Superhorse, galloping across the galaxies so that God may feed him Space Lumps.


An empty crisp packet makes an ideal sleeping bag for a small owl: just pop it over the owl on its perch, and it will fall into a deep sleep.


Owls love lemonade, and will fly many miles in pitch darkness to sip from a fizzy saucerful: they steer by the carbonated pops.


Every night, unbeknownst to you, a dog made only of bones comes and sleeps at the foot of your bed. Bonedog is so lonely…


So you don’t wake, Bonedog plants a dream that you are sharing your bed with the lover you love best. To his surprise, this often backfires.


When the people in your dreams aren’t looking, scratch them with a spoon: if it’s chalk underneath, they’ve been planted in your dream by Bonedog.


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