Hair World

Bald men dream of Hair World, where all creatures are hairless, but the plant life is luxuriously coiffured…


On Hair World, forests of majestic perm trees toss, while naked hares shudder in the stubblegrass, dreaming of swaying blonde pampas.


Scissorbirds flit from tree to tree, while bare apes pluck plump giant lice from carefully infested orchards.


Far beneath the crashing waves, glabrous mermaids fashion themselves wigs from lavish locks of seaweed.


In the Pubic Regions people thread eyebrows made from lizard bones through flesh to protect their lashless eyes from sweat.


On the Oxter continent great Scythe Beetles sweep across the savannah, followed by tribes of trichophagic symbiotes.


The Shampoo Monsoon falls upon the ancient Longhair groves. Featherless birds peer out at the downpour: it washes & goes, washes & goes…


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