Hominid Shower


Lovely Hominid Shower tonight: thousands of astronauts falling through the sky in a desperate attempt to get home in time for Chimeramas.


Most of these old Re-Entry Suits burn up in the upper atmosphere, leaving lots of sparkly streaks, but some survive to the chute stage.


Many of the astronauts have been out there for decades: you’d have to be space-crazy to trust a Hi-Alt Chute. The impact crater is tiny.


A few hundred chutes do open every year: if the astronaut lands in deep water they can be recovered and quarantined in undersea bubble-colonies.


Bizarrely, those who can still speak, though no longer intelligible to their families or to psycho-linguists, appear to comprehend each other.


Those colonies in which Hominid Shower survivors have been collected attract large numbers of squid with which they seem to have a rapport.


Our Security Nurses report colossal squid spreading their tentacles across the colony bubble while the astronauts touch the glass and babble.


The Arctic colony has sighted pods of narwhals scratching unintelligible marks into the glass which the astronauts copy in biro on their bodies.


Doc Moreau advised against analysis of Hominid Shower data after a recording of astro-babble caused nausea and data loss when replayed…


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