Big Bill Backwards’ True-Faced Western Tales, 3: The Spirit of Doug McClure


‘That was some tough winter. Never looked at an eyeball since without thinkin “Fork n a fire n that’ll see me thru to mornin.”‘


‘Lake froze so bad you could pick up the lake n peel the fish off the bottom.’


‘You could snap off a beaver tail for a fryin pan, n squeeze the song right out of a bird for toothpaste.’


‘That winter was when the spirit of Doug McClure began to plague me n I ain’t been free of him since.’


‘”I been to the Land Time Forgot,” he’d say to me in the dark n the frost. “Yeah, well how come you remember?”‘


‘”I seen the sunken kingdoms where the gill-men rule…” “Why don’t you tell that to the Virginian?”‘


‘You look in Doug’s eyes n it’s like you’re lookin thru an ice core telescope; it’s like you got a narwhal in yore eye.’


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