The Jesus Mermaid

The elusive Jesus Mermaid hides in the thick kelp, beard swaying in the current, tail flicking. His followers won’t find Him here…


His seahorse disciples foregather, hoping for a Sermon on the Reef, but with an abrupt gesture, He is gone into the depths.


As the Jesus Mermaid flees the small fish who would worship Him, Aramaic photophores along His flank flare up and fade, abrupt as prayer.


Octopuses bring Him their hoarded riches, hermit crabs offer to abandon their shells, but He shakes his beautiful head.


Great hammerhead sharks, blank-eyed potentates of the deep, offer the Jesus Mermaid their finest kills, if He will but sermonise to them.


Princes and princesses of the Exposed Lands lean over the rails of their galleons, entreating Him to rise up out of the waves.


The Jesus Mermaid presses Himself into the farthest corner of a deep cave, His face taking on the texture of the rock, and combs His hair.


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