Dead Pets

A living cat will try to pursue a ghost mouse through a brick wall, while a ghost cat, pouncing on a living mouse, will plummet through the floor.


Ghost goldfish cannot remember they’re dead for more than thirty seconds. They often drift through the glass of their fishbowl and out of the window.


The ghost janitor sweeps up the heads of all the ghost mice decapitated by real mousetraps, and drops them in a bin he calls ‘The Mouseoleum’.


The ghosts of canaries can ‘fly’ underground, and gather in their thousands in disused mines, forming huge balls called ‘Underground Suns’.


Living cats are driven mad by the squeaking of all the decapitated heads of the ghost mice, which only they can hear.


In Hamster Hades, the King of the Ghost Hamsters has a huge iron wheel on which the ghosts of pet owners are compelled to run forever.


The ghosts of parrots are only allowed to speak in extinct languages.


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