Skull Turtle

Skull Turtle finally chewed through the neck of its human ‘host’. Resting for a bit, it began to push its new limbs out through the holes…


Fortunately, the carcass of the ‘host’ would provide nourishment while Skull Turtle’s legs grew strong and the flesh rotted off its shell.


While the eye-legs were sturdy from the outset, it took weeks before Skull Turtle’s nasal front legs could bear its weight: a dangerous time.


This was the vulnerable space, before Skull Turtle could drag itself into the Sea of Blood. This was when the humans took revenge on the weak.


Already, scent sensors on Skull Turtle’s chin-nose could detect the metallic tang of the sanguinary sea which should be its home for centuries.


Had Skull Turtle’s old ears not dropped off, it would have heard the cries of infected humans closing in, as they jabbed harpoons into the sand.


They knew, buried in shallow graves all round them, Skull Turtle’s kin were hatching from the paralysed bodies of their fellow crew-members.


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