Facts about Cheese

Cheese jigsaws were a popular Victorian pastime: you weren’t allowed to eat the cheese until you had completed the puzzle.


Cheese Rubik Cubes were also an anachronistic Victorian party favourite.


Highly skilled mice would nibble cheese chesspieces turning on tiny lathes. They were known as ‘The Wee Masters’ because of their artistry.


Cheese playing cards & cheese chesspieces were commonly made from Red Leicester and a white Cheddar, as Wensleydale tended to crumble in use.


The importation of firm Dutch cheeses such as Gouda allowed Victorian Cheese Gaming to achieve new levels, culminating in Cheese Roulette.


Chimerica was astounded by Le Camembert Turc, the first primitive Cheese chess-playing Cheese Robot, actually operated by a giant Sumatran rat.


Little did the inventors of Le Camembert Turc realise that a crazed scientist would develop the idea of the Cheese Robot into a deadly threat…


Soon armies of giant Cheese Robots would stalk the land, destroying whole cities with their molten cheese rays (or, more properly, sprays).


If it hadn’t been for an unexpected heatwave bringing the giant Cheese Robots to their Welsh Rarebit knees, we were this close to going out.


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