Chimeric Spoon

Those who attempt to plunge a Chimeric Spoon into their soup should not be surprised by what it discovers below the brim of broth…


Just as the Chimeric Drachma is not linked to any currency, so too the Chimeric Spoon is not to be identified with the Long Spoon of Hell.


The Rev Spooner recognises his Chimeric Spoon by the Spuncible Rune stamped in its handle. The Rune should not be eyed by the unwary.


In an emergency, a Chimeric Spoon can be used as a skeleton key. If you are a skeleton and you can eat doors, then dig in! Eat up!


If you don’t eat the pattern on the plate God gave you, a Chimeric Spoon will just desert, leaving you to your fat…


Look at yourself in the back of a Chimeric Spoon: this is exactly how others see you.


Those born with a Chimeric Spoon in their mouths are not only hard to understand, but they often prove awkward kissers.


People who say the problem with a Chimeric Spoon is the last thing it looks like is a spoon really haven’t seen the last thing it looks like.


Etiquette dictates that those who know when to use a Chimeric Spoon should be shot at table, the room evacuated, and the house burnt down.

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