The Anti-Moth

The Anti-Moth is the only source of darkness in the universe: it has been attracting light to itself for billions of years, then eating it.


The Anti-Moth is a very small, very plain little moth that galaxies, suns, searchlights, torches, and alien lightbulbs find irresistible.


On worlds that the Anti-Moth has visited, it is simply called ‘Night’. Their populations live in eternal darkness & no longer need eyeballs.


The blind sit on the thrones of the Dark Worlds. Their reign is known as the Lepidopteran Autarchy. They say the darkness is full of wings.


The Anti-Moth itself is terrified of light and will do anything to evade it. Only as a final defence instinct does its proboscis drink suns.


Our starships have observed at maximum magnification the Anti-Moth toiling through space in search of dark haven, with bright worlds in tow.


If the Anti-Moth ever flutters into the chamber of the dead, it extracts their last words as though language were itself a species of light.


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