Time is measured in suns,

suns that navigate across the sky,

that enter and exit the vault of heaven,

that go up and down,

suns that warm up.

Time is measured in moons,

the ones that gave us light,

the ones that were not there,

the ones where we wanted to love,

and we did love,

the red moons at sunset.

Time is measured in waves,

the waves we ran away from,

the waves we dived in,

the ones we navigate over,

waves full of foam and salt.

Time is measured in words,

the ones we learned and forgot,

the ones we whispered and those we kept to ourselves,

the powerful and resonant

words we think.

Time is measured in paths,

those we walked and those we avoided,

those we created,

the paths that await us,

and those that drive us mad.

Time is measured in rivers,

those that bring us water and pebbles,

those that drag us,

the deafening rivers,

running inside us.

Time is measured in silences,

those we fear,

those that fall like a thunder,

those that get us together and get us apart,

the soft silences we look for.

Times is measured in gazes,

those we hide,

those we caress with and dive in,

the gazes we watch with,

those we understand and learn.

Time is measured in stars,

those that fall and die,

those that guide us,

the star that cover us,

with their light of distant suns.

Time is measured in caresses,

those we search with and those we find,

those we run through,

the caresses enlightening us

and opening our eyes.

Times is measured in suns,










The time is sand, is just sand.

The time is an hourglass.

 This poem has been published in the book “Larva” by Mina Polen.


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