In the 70s, wizardy timeslip Brit kids TV prog Catweazle was remade in the US as a vehicle for William Shatner. It was renamed ‘Shatweazle’.


Shatner played a portly Salem warlock transported into the late 20th century, only with perfect teeth & a new chestnutty rug.


The scene in which Shatweazle emerges from the Time Anus traumatised kids worldwide, leading to bewildered weeping and diarrhoea.


Bewildered diarrhoea is, of course, the worst kind of diarrhoea.


Shatner’s attempted allusion to Bewitched star Elizabeth Montgomery’s famous nose twiddle was widely misinterpreted as a kind of seizure.


Shatweazle’s rejection of black magic seemed somewhat undermined by Shatner’s insistence that women be attracted by him on a weekly basis.


Shatner left when desperate producers introduced a character called ‘Upscot’ who ran a chilli stand, and Shatweazle had to say, ‘Bean me, Upscot, eh?’


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