Vache Travels


La Vache Étonnée


Vache Travels – arranging holidays inside the stomachs of ruminants since 1947. Cabins with portholes available for a supplement.


‘Been fitting cows with portholes for years,’ says Grand Bill de la Bernacle. ‘Port, starboard – you pays your money and I drills me porthole!’


‘It’s surreally roomy in a ruminant,’ says Magritte. ‘Georgette & I wouldn’t holiday anywhere else. Plus we can bring the dog!’


Vache Travel – all our ruminant rooms come complete with carpet slipper/pipe amalgams for all your feet-smoking needs.


Vache Travel – smoking people’s appendages inside cattle for seventy-many years!


Vache Travel – in all circumstances our watchwords are: ask yourself, what would La Vache Qui Rire do?

We are often asked at Vache Travel if travellers can book La Vache Qui Rire. We say: what’s so funny about having a tourist shoved up your rear?


Vache Travel announces new models pour l’Automne: La Vache Qui Pleure, in rain cloud grey with a silverised finish, udders produce Pernod.


Vache Travels present La Vache Fée, our green dream machine, producing up to 6.5 gallons of absinthe per day. Book now for oblivion!

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