Goat Shorts 2

Goat. In shorts.

Goat Shorts: what the debonair caprid-about-town is wearing. Now available for disturbed hipsters. Goat Shorts: stylish, short, goaty!


There’s a brisk trade in freshly larded Goat Shorts at the local store – it can be so hard struggling into dry Goat Shorts to find your perfect size…


Cheapgoats who won’t pay for genuine Goat Shorts sometimes shave the rest of their bodies leaving only the shorts area coated in goat hair. Meh!


It’s a minotaur market in Goat Shorts futures on the Chimeric Stock Market, the only stock market to trade mostly in meat and vegetable stocks, gravies, and minotaurs.


Ghost Goat Shorts sometimes appear on innocent goats and people during the hours of darkness – no-one ever forgets their sudden cold n clammy cling!


To see a ghost goat wearing shorts is always an ill omen. 13 pairs of fluttering ghost Goat Shorts presaged the fall of Constantinople.


It is prophesied in the Book of Tin Cans that when everyone dreams they are wearing Goat Shorts, the great Space Goat will descend…


The Space Goat is more properly a configuration of space coral compelled by goat ghost anxiety to form the outline of a massive goat’s head.


Ghost goat anxiety may also explain the accumulation of small asteroids into a vast pair of Goat Shorts inside which the Space Goat floats.

Goat goat. In shorts. With Ecto-Spam


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