Ghost Story 1

  1. This is a ghost story, said the ghost. You’ll have to write it.
  2. When I was alive I did not believe in ghosts, said the ghost. That is why I am a ghost now. Rules are rules.
  3. Emerging from a wall in the likeness of someone you faintly recognise is something I have mastered, said the ghost.
  4. Can you feel me touching you, asked the ghost. My voice should feel like fur. My eyes should enter yours.
  5. Inside your eyes, my eyes. Inside your hands, my hands. We share one space, said the ghost.
  6. The point of a ghost story is to trouble your dreams, said the ghost. I don’t get to listen.
  7. Listen, said the ghost. Listen to your listening. That’s me. I can hear you ticking like the clock. Now let’s wind it.
  8. So they wound the clock of the heart. So they listened. Now we have time, said the ghost.
  9. Once upon a very specific time in a highly specific place there lived a magical being, said the ghost. This is its magical story.
  10. We are entering the territory. We are following the promptings of the clock, said the ghost. My hands are cold but my breath is hot.
  11. Now we sit down, said the ghost. Now we wait for language to invent us. Now our regrets begin to bud and blossom.
  12. That is not a mirror, said the ghost. That is skin. This room is more body than space. The skin is in the mirror. Touch your skin.
  13. This is the language of death still waiting to come into existence, said the ghost. At this stage it’s pure nonsense.
  14. Out of nonsense into language. Out of mirror into skin. Out of me into you, said the ghost.
  15. Now we begin, said the ghost as it blossomed into being. Say something. You have a tongue in your head. You have a face in the mirror. Speak.
  16. Is this an ending, you ask. It is a story, said the ghost. It hangs in space. Now let’s pass through it.


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