Death Shack

‘Eat dirt n be miserable, for yesterday you died – at Gothee’s Nepenthe Shack! First defreshment hut over the river in Hades!’


‘Gothee’s Nepenthe Shack: stirring the bad news in and serving it up in a mug of hot blood n stink since before recording began!’

‘Gothee’s Nepenthe Shack: we got all your funeral feast needs – cold cold meats, cremated bread, lead plates like yr late great aunt loves!’


‘Buy a tub of brain jelly/For your zombified relly!’


‘All our cold cold meats are guaranteed retrieved from the ocean floor. We got zebra from the Ark n steak from the cabins of the Titanic!’


‘Who says you can’t take it with you? Gothee’s Nepenthe Shack hand-carved “Tombstone” menus available as souvenirs as you go toward the light!’


‘Bewildered moths, crocodile-headed gods, vengeful angels, ant mourners, runaway scissors: every body’s welcome at Gothee’s Nepenthe Shack!’


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