The Adventures of Doc Moreau & I, 9: Holy Prepuce Spex

Doc Moreau’s Prepuce Spex experiments have now reached Beta testing: if you would like to be fitted for Prepuce Spex get in touch by the usual means…


Prepuce Spex – Nature’s way of telling you, ‘You’re a dickhead!’ – can now be yours to treasure and keep as you stumble concussed between lampposts!


Doc Moreau’s Prepuce Sanctuary is open 24/8 for receipt of unwanted foreskins. Your prepuce will be at the cutting edge of experimentation!


Anyone with reliable info on the location of a Holy Prepuce or two should contact Doc Moreau directly for a fabulous free surgery token – or two!


In a statement yesterday Doc Moreau declared, ‘If we can manufacture Holy Prepuce Spex or even just a monocle, we will see directly into Heaven!’


Owner of the world’s largest collection of Holy Prepuces, Big Bill Backwards, told reporters, ‘Shot a coupla cat-spider things last night…’


‘… – they was sniffin around the skylights. You can tell old Doc M from me he ain’t gettin no Holy Prepuces except n he pays top dollar!’

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