The Adventures of Doc Moreau & I, 7: Flasper-K and the Mutant Kid

Flasper-K and the Mutant Kid


Doc Moreau’s prototype TV animal hero has completed initial trials: Flasper-K, part-dog, part-dolphin, part-kangaroo – all loveable n rescuey!


Earlier Flasperides tended to come apart at the seams when presented with conflicting choices: ‘Is Uncle Timmy in the well or in the creek?’


Sceptics argued that fur, fins and propulsive rear legs contraindicated – not to mention the pouch – but Doc Moreau & I soldered on…


A key factor was stitching together canine and cetacean hemispheres of Flasper-K’s brain in a way that made cognitive sense. Or didn’t explode.


Then we had to cast the right Mutant Kid to be Flasper’s best pal: too psychic and they would anticipate the very crises Flasper-K should solve!


The main ontological issue was: which crises are ‘dramatic’ and require Flasper-K’s input, and which are merely ‘real’ and must be left well alone?

There was one point where Flasper-K and the Mutant Kid solved all human conflict – we had some job explaining to them that simply wasn’t on!


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