Inside Pages / Páginas adentro

Inside pages

One night, as he was flipping pages through the book, he noticed that there was a butterfly clumsily coming out from one of the pages.
On another night, he noticed that the pages had a strange texture and that he was having trouble feeling each and every page of that book.
His body changed and seemed to disappear every night as he was reading that book. He felt inside his body pages being flipped through.
On a new moon, he felt the pull of an abyss when the book was totally open; that night he could feel the pages of the book as their own.
Next morning, the book laid open on the floor as the wind moved its pages. In the inside pages someone had a brand new life.

Páginas adentro.

Una noche, mientras hojeaba el libro por centésima vez, notó que una mariposa se desprendía de una de sus páginas y volaba adormecida.
Otra noche, notó que las hojas del libro tenían una rara textura y que cada vez le costaba más trabajo sentir cada una de sus páginas.
Después, su cuerpo cambió y parecía desvanecerse cada noche mientras releía aquel libro. Incluso sintió en su interior un hojear de libros.
Una luna nueva, sintió la succión de un abismo cuando el libro estaba totalmente abierto; esa noche llegó a sentir sus hojas como propias.
A la mañana siguiente, el libro yacía abierto en el piso mientras el viento movía sus hojas. Páginas adentro alguien tenía una nueva vida.


Text copyright Mina Polen
Illustration copyright Viviana Hinojosa
All rights reserved


. laura ashley .

always liked newtown,
now seeing the peripheries.

not been to glansevern, now
i have.

never had a red dress
made of paper cloth,
now i have two.

the same. i have not a
photograph yet,
so will shoes do?




Knife nails. Scratching.

Morse eyelids. Twitching.

Water feet. Freezing.

Foam liver. Drying out.

Balloon heart. Pumping.

Jelly brain. Melting.

Wire veins. Rusting.

Vegetal nerves. Rooting.

Crystal bones. Exploding.

Thorny lungs. Expanding.

Plastic skin. Tightening.

Charcoal heart. Hissing.

Stone muscles. Cracking.

Acidic bile. Running.

Boiling blood. Crystallizing.

Continuous synapse. Shouting.

Rope viscera. Twisting.

Wavy pleura. Reverberating.

Reptilian hair. Rattling.

Open mouth. Gashing.


Pain. Growing.